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We design and build hand carved marble Hammams. We send our hammams to Germany, Russia, USA, Uzbekistan and install locally. We custom build your dream hammams at museum quality. Our both architects  design our projects. Our design office is in Nuremberg, Germany and certified by European authorities. We also can work with you as a  part of your spa and wellness design team. We can design your whole SPA concept. We are open to your opinions. We can make old Ottoman-Turkish, Greko-Roman,  Moroccan, fusion style, Modern minimalist hammams. We can send our pdf catalog for your kind review.

Ideal Hammam & Spa Production


First of all we sincerely thank you for the interest. 
We have shown for our products and services while you are here. 

Following the first meeting we request the plans of 
the project you wish us to work on. In the case of a 
new construction or absence of plans we will be 
glad to help you with them, too. 

If you do have a project we inspect it and ask you to 
share your requests, opinions and ideas with us. 
Following the exchange of ideas and knowledge we 
define the criterias that will shape the design, so we 
can start creating spaces beyond your 

When the structure has no project or projects are 
outdated, we can help you with building survey and 
preparing the project. 

We define the space using layouts and present you 
our ideas with the help of sketches and concept 
boards. After revisions and confirmation the general 
design will be ready. 

If you have your own construction crew we can offer 
you necessary project and technical support. If not, 
we can help you with our partner construction firms. 

We advise you mechanic, electricity and lightning 
spots. You can get it drawn by local certified companies.

During this process we request from you or your 
technical crew about the mechanics you will use. If 
you need assistance we can offer you help and 
product alternatives, or create solutions for you with 
our experienced partners. 

We can also undertake the production of marble, 
woodwork, etc. As your supplier we produce, 
number, package, and deliver the goods with 
assembly instructions. 

Pictures are courtesy of Interior Designer Mr. Metehan Apak and Architect Mr. Ozkan Sunar.